Scott, Louisiana - Boudin Capital of the World

On April 12, 2012, Scott, Louisiana was designated by the State Legislature of Louisiana as the "Boudin Capital of the World."  This was no small feat and it meant that Broussard, Louisiana needed to relinquish the title [Broussard is now known as the "former Boudin Capital of the World"] and that Jennings, Louisiana's title of "Boudin Capital of the Universe," while seemingly more prestigious, would take a back seat to the boudininalia in Scott.  The city of Scott's claim to the title is substantial, with more boudin purveyors per-capita than any other place in the state and a couple of the more prominent boudin makers (Don's Specialty Meats and Best Stop) to boot, no other city in Louisiana (and thereby the world!) produces more links than Scott.  Who has the best boudin in Scott?  Only your taste buds can tell you the answer to that question.

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In order to make the best of your boudin adventures in Scott, we have put together an assessment of the six different places that make their own boudin in the city and we offer it as a resource and discussion point.  In order to determine who has the best boudin out of all the places in Scott, we interviewed customers, did our own taste tests, and took into consideration the totality of the boudin stop.

1. Menard's Cajun Country Store 
2. Billy's Boudin and Cracklin
3. Early's Supermarket
4. Don's Specialty Meats
5. The Best Stop
6. Romero's