Billy's Boudin and Cracklin

-- Billy's is a relative newcomer to the boudin scene in Scott, but they've made a huge impact and have quickly developed a following for their boudin creations.  This is the place to get boudin pistollettes (fried bread rolls that are stuffed with boudin), boudin roll-ups, crunchy boudin balls, boudin balls with pepper jack cheese, smoked boudin, boudin sandwiches, and, of course, regular boudin.  Our advice is to order a link of smoked boudin, a boudin egg roll, and a pepper-jack boudin ball to create your own delicious smorgasbord.  Grab a cold RC Cola from the cooler and you're good to go.

Billy's got their start in Krotz Spring and then expanded to Opelousas where they run a place called Ray's that serves two boudin recipes: Billy's and Ray's.  They only bring Billy's boudin down to Scott, but that's the only one you'll want.  It is a great recipe with a smooth warm heat and a fresh pork punch. 

Billy's Boudin & Cracklins
523 Apollo Rd

Scott, LA 70583